Nottingham United FC

Established: 2008


We were formed on the 27th of April 2008 as a Sunday League Club based in Beeston Rylands, Nottingham. Although we began as Nottingham United FC, we entered our 1st season in the NSFL under our sponsors name and although starting with 1 Sunday team, we finished the season with 2 Sunday teams due to merging with another local club and also built our 1st Saturday team.

The 1st team finished the 2008/09 season a respectable 6th and also reverted to itís original name of Nottingham United FC. In the 2009/10 season we continued with 3 adult teams and the 1st team dominated throughout, winning 20 out of 22 games, scoring 101 goals along the way and keeping the best defence in the league, ensuring that the league Championship was ours as we won the Senior Section of the NSFL by 4 points. Starting the 2010/11 season we had expanded to 6 adult teams, with 2 Saturday teams entered into the 1st and 2nd Divisions of the Midland Amateur Alliance and after the club decided to merge with Monty Hind Old Boys FC, we entered our Saturday 1st Team† the Premier Division of the Central Midlands Football League. Our 3 Sunday teams were entered into the Notts Sunday Football League and East Midlands Public Authorities League, with all teams doing well and the 1st team eventually missing out on our 2nd consecutive league title on the last day of the season. We were also proud to achieve FA Charter Standard status.

We now play football 5 days a week and have over 150 club members. We pride ourselves on our good reputation and for being a club that welcomes players of all abilities and can combine our relaxed approach to the game with the success that we achieve on the pitch. We are a very diverse club, with players of all ages, from 16 to 50+ and over a dozen different nationalities. Throughout the year we organize many social events, including cinema, meals, nights out, trips to sporting events like cricket, professional and international football. We also have an annual European Tour to play professional teams, which has seen us line up against some of Europe's most famous teams such as CSKA Sofia, which also led to Bulgarian football legend Dimitar Penev becoming our Honorary Life President and helped us build links with professional clubs in Eastern Europe that has already seen us bring players over to Nottingham. We host several high profile Charity Matches every summer and our pre-season campaign features home/away fixtures against semi-professional clubs across the UK, plus several tournaments.

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Going into the 2011/12 season the club again expanded and made several changes, with the Saturday 2nd team joining the 1st team in the Central Midlands Football League and the 3rd team entering the Notts Amateur Alliance Div 1. We also made changes with the Sunday sides, with the 1st team entering the Premier Division of the Notts Combination League, with the 2nd and 4th teams in the Notts Sunday Football League and the 3rds in the East Midlands Public Authorities League. Also entered into the NFCL is our Polish team, Nottingham Utd Polonia FC.