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Germany Tour 2013 - Berlin

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If you would like any information on our tour or to be a part of things in Berlin, then you can contact us at:

Or by phone from the
UK on Ė07920063239 or from abroad - +447920063239.

Welcome to our Germany Tour 2013 page, here youíll find all the info on our return to Berlin this summer. The tour will be between 13th and 22nd of July and will see us play semi-pro and professional clubs around Berlin. We are lucky enough to be playing Berlins finest clubs again this summer, following the hugely successful tour there last year that was one of the best experiences of our lives.

Latest News:

Tour Sponsors! - We would like to thank all our sponsors for this years tour, No Dice Magazine, Precision Training, KSB, Style City Print And Design and The Nottinghamshire Senior League. We are immensely grateful for the contribution of all our sponsors that will guarantee that we have the best kits, equipment and coverage for our tour, which will only add to the great experience of all the people involved. Please do your bit by clicking on our sponsors links and checking out their pages.

Berlins Finest Clubs! - We are in the process of arranging the remaining fixtures with some of the biggest clubs in Berlin, so itís exciting times for those working behind the scenes in the know of which clubs we are talking to. Out of respect we wonít publish their names on here until they confirm the fixtures. We will be playing VfB Hermsdorf and our sister club - Tennis Borussia Berlin again, we are just waiting for confirmation of dates/times before adding them to the fixture list. We also will be playing the British Embassy Team again during the first few days of the tour and look forward to linking up again with David Rowe from the Embassy staff after his participation in last years tour squad. Itís a great honour for us to be invited to play SV Empor Berlin for the first time this year, as they are one of Berlins strongest clubs and will be real test for the Utd squad. FC Union Berlin are our opponents on the Wednesday and to play a team from a Bundesliga 2 club will be a once in a lifetime experience for many of our players, especially some of the German players from our squad that are life-long Union fans.

Berlin 2013 Fixture List! - Below you can find our fixture list for July with dates/times confirmed so far. This will be updated on a weekly basis as we get the remaining confirmations from the clubs that have arranged to play us.

Saturday 13th:

Sunday 14th:

Monday 15th:

Tuesday 16th:

Wednesday 17th:

Thursday 18th:

Friday 19th:
Guests at Union Berlinís League Match

Saturday 20th:

Sunday 21st:

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Nottingham Utd players greet the TeBe fans after the match in the Mommsenstadion - 2012.

Join Our Squad? - There are still several places available in our tour squad for any players that are interested, so if you would like to find out more with a view to coming along then you can speak with any of the staff at training or by email to: The full squad and staff list will be published on this page in the next few weeks and our squad will be a mixture of our British based players and some German based players to represent the friendship between our clubs and countries. It is all set to be our best tourÖ EVER!